The Most influential software of all time

More questions came upon the criteria that should be used in selecting the most influential software of time. Some of these questions were; how to begin? 


Here are some of the most influential computer software of all time. 


It was developed in 1964. It deals with booking programs mostly for airlines. It has allowed travel companies in designing and delivering a more unique customer experience in a simplified way. It is very flexible, easy to use, and very efficient.

Maze war 

It was developed by Steven Colley. The game was common around the 1960s and1970s. It is a historically very significant and influential computer game. It is a well-networked first-person shooter with a complete level of editors. This creativity and innovation have enabled the development of other games that you see today. 


It is also known as the colossal cave. The game was developed in 1975 by Will Crowther and later advanced by Don Woods. It introduced second-person interaction. Adventure made the user encounter different sceneries like caves in search of treasures like gold.

Lotus Notes

The software was developed in 1989. It was very common before the coming of social media. The software offered a variety of services such as blogging, chat, emails, and calendars. Computers still use this software and it also opened ways for more advanced software like some of the modern applications we see today.


Developed in 1993, Mosaic software is a program that allows pictures to be generated into various tiny particles known as tiles. Every element is a different picture and once combined with other tiles, you get a mosaic. When you look at the mosaic from a distance, it is a single photo but once you get closer, you realize there are thousands of photos.


The list of the most influential software of all time continues to grow as technology is still advancing. Software developers will continue to develop software that will help the world and make work easier.

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