How technology is rapidly changing the world

Technology keeps changing and advancing which makes the world shift from how it used to do things to embracing new ways of doing things. In the past years, students and researchers would heavily rely on library materials for information but this has changed as most students are relying on the internet to get information.

Technology has made the world look like one small village where Culture, languages, and food are shared. This integration is bringing harm and appreciation of different people’s ways of life across the world.

Technology has changed the world in the following areas completely.


Currently, one can be diagnosed with a disease when it is in its earliest stage and treated to prevent more severe conditions in the future. As technology advances, it is predicted that before the year 2050, Alzheimer’s and dementia diseases will be non-existent. Cancer will not be painful as it is now. Artificial Intelligence is being used in treating and diagnosing different risks to diseases.


Today you can study while seated at your home without necessarily having to attend a physical classroom. If you miss a lesson, you can be able to access the recorded lesson. Online classes have become the order of the day. Students do not have to go to the library every time because they can access information through the internet.


Right now you can communicate instantly with a person who is in a different geographical area from you. The use of letters has been replaced by emails. Social media platforms in smartphones provide easy socialization with people all over the world.


This is a process whereby a computer operates something without human assistance.

Automation has been advanced as we have washing machines, coffee makers, and Artificial Intelligence on board.


Technology is very dynamic and what you see now as advancement in the future will be a traditional way of doing things. Advancement in technology should be appreciated as it has come to help human beings discover many things and make work easier. 

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