Tips for Improving Video Conferencing Calls

The homeworkers with experience know well about communicating with their managers and team by video conferencing. But if it is new to working at home and catch it problematic to work through video conferencing?

When working at home, it becomes difficult to find a balance between listening and speaking through the use of Zoom or Microsoft Team. All people mostly feel similar. So, it is important to maintain a personal and humane connection while using the video sessions.

You can use the following tips for improving your video conferencing.

1.Usage of proper networks

You can use audio calls for instant messaging instead of sending texts through e-mails. You must choose video calling over audio messages for something more important or unclear. 

2. Reflect your Optics

You must use a decent class web camera and microphone to improve the means you stare and feel while doing video conferencing. Place the camera near your face in order to maintain eye contact with the viewers.

3.Have it Short-term

Many video conferences are lengthy. Make short calls only. This helps to avoid disturbance and demand care for the attendees. Each person should fix a limit of the period to talk and send the mic to the next individual once his time comes.

4. Allow Asynchronous Conferences

Team bosses of people might find it hard to bring the people living in different time zones together. These people might be living in Asia, Europe and America. Additionally, some team members find it hard to attend the meeting due to personal or work conflicts. Team meetings can be asynchronous instead of a live meeting and pre-recorded videos can be used.


In short, you can improve the quality of video calls by keeping them brief, manage the disruptions, use asynchronous conferences and use visuals.

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