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All the news on technology, web, science and video games in one place.

Spider net


Social networks, web marketing, development, graphic design… Whatever their speciality, it is important to understand the specificities of all the parties involved in digital projects.

Be clever


An iconic piece of technology of our time, the smartphone is a jewel of technology. Its power now easily exceeds that of computers of just a few years ago.

No pain, no game

Video Games

The video game industry is the most lucrative cultural sector in the world, surpassing film and music. Video games are now fully integrated into society, so it’s a no-brainer that we talk about them in this blog.

The lab


Science has a wide range of applications. They are needed in agriculture, transport, film and medicine. But also, no absorbent nappies without research!

Other things and stuffs


We deal here with all devices that require technology, and there are many. From cameras to refrigerators to factory robots.

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